Welcome to the Student Accommodation On-Line Application Form



The A-Level results will be published on 17th August 2017. From 6pm on 11 August 2017 Admissions will be processing decisions and therefore systems will be closed for updating. As a result you may not be able to access the online application system until approximately 9am on 17th August 2017. We apologies for any inconvenience caused.

In order to apply for student accommodation you must have an unconditional offer you have firmly accepted.

If you have a conditional offer, you won't be able to apply until this is unconditional - for most, this means waiting for exam results (eg Highers and A-Level). Don't worry though, our guarantee date is noon on 21 August, so there will still be time to apply after the results come out and still be guaranteed an offer of accommodation. A small number of spaces will be reserved at our Bainfield accommodation for the Higher and A-Level Results release date and these will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

For students entering through clearing from GCSE England, Wales or Northern Ireland, we have reserved a small number of accommodation spaces through the Student Housing Company. These will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. This has allowed us to extend the deadline for applications and £500 advance rent payments until noon on 25 August.


If you are ready to apply please have your debit/credit card ready as you will be asked to make a £500 advance rent payment (unless applying for 1 Trimester) when submitting your application form.

When completing the application form you will be expected to make a preference of four accommodation choices if applicable. Please look at our website carefully and check which developments are appropriate to your situation. Any unsuitable choices will be void.

Please note: unlike our other 3 sites The Student Housing Company do require a UK based guarantor.

Studio Flats: These have now all been taken at both our Bainfield and Slateford accommodation and we will not be offering a waiting list service.

Students Staying in a EH Postcode Area: Unfortunately you will not come under the guarantee of an offer of accommodation therefore please contact the Student Accommodation Office to be placed on a waiting list accommodation@napier.ac.uk  

Postgraduate Students: no spaces left please do not apply. We have information on our website to assist with looking in the private sector.

1 Trimester Students: Please do not submit a new application for 1 Trimester unless you are part of an ISEP/CIS/Moscow Group Booking or a Veterinary Nursing Student.  Unfortunately we have a very large waiting list and it is extremely unlikely we would be able to assist any students applying to go on the waiting list at this point instead please refer to our website in a section on Private Sector for information and details of the support service we offer.

EFL Students: If you are awaiting exam results being released on the 25th August 2017 we will have a few pre-reserved beds put aside for you to be able to secure student accommodation and these will be given on a first come first served basis. Please ensure you email accommodation@napier.ac.uk to pre-reserve a space. All students who pre-reserve a space must submit an application form and make £500 advance rent payment (credit card payment using the online application system only) prior to 12noon on 27th August otherwise we will cancel the pre-reserved space and offer to a student from our waiting list.


Returner Students (previously stayed in student accommodation): Unfortunately you will not come under the guarantee of an offer of accommodation therefore please contact the student accommodation office to be placed on a returner waiting list quoting your Edinburgh Napier Number and Contact Mobile Number accommodation@napier.ac.uk. Should any vacancies occur after 22/08/2017, we would contact you and you will be required to make a decision and £500 advance rent payment within 24 hours of the offer being made.  

Key collection for student accommodation will take place on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of September 2017 at Craiglockhart Campus from 10:00-17:00 hours. Please arrange your travel to ensure you will be able to attend this session.

Please ensure you use an email account which is checked on a regular basis (every 24hrs) as this is our chosen communication method with students.

You can track the progress of your application by using your Edinburgh Napier Number to log back into our online system. Please note it will take 1 working day after receipt of your guarantor form for the online system to be updated and 3 working days for payment in full and recurring card payment information to be included.

After submitting your application form, if you want to amend any details, please email accommodation@napier.ac.uk within 12 hours of submitting your application form. Please do not re-submit a second application form.

Please note that £150 will be retained by us as a cancellation fee if you cancel your accommodation before the start date of the Tenancy thereafter the cancellation fee will be £350.


Edinburgh Napier Number  This can be found on your acknowledgement email or offer letter/email. If you are unable to find this here is the link required: UCAS
Date of birth
Email address
Confirm Email address (if new account)
Please note you will need to verify your email address before continuing with the online application process.
*Nursing students are automatically given a 50 week tenancy and this is optional to postgraduate students.